Building the Future of Cardano, Together

At the intersection of Cardano and its community, that’s where you’ll find us—championing the distributed development and maintenance of blockchain’s next generation.

What is Intersect?

Intersect is a member-based organization for the Cardano ecosystem tasked with ensuring its continuity and future development. Bringing members together behind a shared vision, Intersect enables a more resilient, secure, transparent, and innovative Cardano ecosystem that puts members in the driving seat of Cardano’s future.

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Why Intersect?

The opportunity to maintain Cardano’s core technology and develop a roadmap for the future attracts a diverse group of stakeholders. As a natural aggregation point - a Cardano town square - Intersect allows for those firms and organizations making the most significant contributions to the ecosystem to raise and elevate their voices on how Cardano’s technological underpinnings can and should evolve.

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How Does Intersect Work?

Intersect supports the continued growth of a decentralized and inclusive self-sustaining system by providing additional governance processes and structure that enable the Cardano community to continue to advance the protocol together. This includes maintenance, development, testing, fundraising, infrastructure, and support initiatives—all initiated and driven by committees and working groups.

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