How we Work

Fostering a spirit of collaboration at all levels

At every level of Intersect, our goal is fostering discussion and involvement within the team and all members as we work towards our wider goals. Our ethos is simple but effective - together we achieve more.

The Intersect Team

The Intersect team are passionate about driving change in the Cardano ecosystem and are working together to create a brighter future for all in the blockchain space.

Our Values

At Intersect, we hold our values highly and at our core, our company culture revolves around the following - innovation, support, communication and collaboration. This permeates through to our daily work, our bigger picture and our why.

Our Committees

Our committees are comprised of several firms and stakeholders within the Cardano ecosystem. Together they collaborate on improving governance and processes within the existing framework.

Our Members

Our members are individuals who believe in our vision to shape a better future for all in blockchain. From all walks of life, together we are able to create true change.