CARDANO open source

Fostering collaboration at all levels

Open source is a core characteristic of Cardano as it unlocks exponential development opportunities, and scalable collaboration across our global communities.

What is it?

Building off decades of open source methodologies, Intersect leverages open source principles as an important model for tapping into new ideas, technologies, and solutions. Intersect supports the growth of Cardano with its evolution into a community-driven, decentralized open-source project. Envisioning a future where the Cardano project is strongly led by a thriving community, and its open development is not dominated by any single entity.

Open Source Strategy

Intersect’s open source strategy

We want to see Cardano evolving as an open-source mature initiative, driven by a strong and diverse community. We foresee a future where the project is known for its technological excellence and open and inclusive development process. Cardano will exemplify a decentralized, but stable ecosystem where every contributor plays their part.

OSO Roadmap

How to Participate

Open Source Committee

Open Source Committee

Join Intersect and Participate in the Open Source Committee


Repos are projects which are worked on within the Cardano framework. Below are 6 of the core repos.