Community consultation on the next steps for Cardano’s governance is now open

3 min

The Chang upgrade marks a significant milestone for Cardano this year, as it puts the community at the forefront of blockchain governance. This journey includes drafting and ratifying a final Constitution, and we're excited to announce that applications to host global workshops on drafting Cardano's Constitution are now open!

With community input, drafting the Constitution will build upon the essential guardrails described in the interim Constitution, creating a more holistic set of principles, tenets, governance operations, and rights.

Intersect members can apply to run funded workshops locally, taking the consultation process global. In addition to funding support, workshop hosts will receive training and materials to deliver a structured and effective workshop for attendees. Non-members can also apply. They will receive training and onboarding but no funding support. Intersect, in close collaboration with members and steered by the Civics Committee, will support and facilitate the consultation period leading up to the on-chain ratification in early 2025.

Applications are now open and close on Thursday, June 13. Initial confirmations are expected by early July, and workshops will likely begin in August and run through October.

The result? A final, approvable version of the Constitution was ready by the Constitutional Convention in late 2024. It was voted on by a representative group of delegates and alternates drawn from workshop attendees. From there, ada holders will ratify it through Chang-enabled on-chain mechanisms. The ratified final version of the Constitution will be the ultimate output of the year-long consultation process and set forth tenets, principles, and rules for Cardano. Once confirmed on-chain, we exit the interim period completely. If you’d like to host a workshop, read more here and apply today!

More ways to get involved

  • Start testing the technical features by heading to SanchoNet to learn more, and to GovTool to participate in a user-friendly experience.
  • Join Intersect and contribute through community-focused committees and working groups, including groups involved in creating a constitution draft that feeds into a broad community consultation process leading up to ratification.
  • Apply for funding opportunities at Intersect to support the rollout through community tooling and other community initiatives.