The DRep Pioneer Workshop Leaders Program - Educating the future of decentralized governance on Cardano

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Implementing CIP-1694 will further enhance decentralization by bringing on-chain decision-making to Cardano. This important step will be realized through the two-phase Chang upgrade, a moment that has rallied the Cardano community since its inception in 2022. Decentralized on-chain decision-making for Cardano signifies a new era, ‘Voltaire,’ where the community directs its trajectory.

Understanding the Role of DReps

The introduction of Delegated Representatives (DReps) via the Chang upgrade brings liquid democracy to Cardano whereby ada holders can choose to vote directly or delegate to a DRep to vote on their behalf. This is an important step because it means not only is the community represented, but informed individuals can also make decisions and even harness the power of collectives and similar structures utilizing multisig. DRep, along with SPOs and the Constitutional Committee, collectively decide protocol parameters (including network, economic, and security), whether to initiate a hard-fork, and treasury withdrawals. Their votes, whether 'yes,' 'no,' or 'abstain,' hold significant weight in determining the platform's trajectory. With such responsibilities, DReps must be well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of decentralized governance effectively.

The purpose of the DRep Pioneer Workshop Leaders Program

Enter the DRep Pioneer Workshop Leaders Program. Developed in response to implementing governance features outlined in CIP-1694, this initiative aims to empower a significant portion of the Cardano community with the requisite expertise to effectively fulfill the role of DReps. Facilitated by Intersect, the program invited applications from qualified member organizations to spearhead comprehensive DRep education courses as Pioneer Workshop Leaders.

Who are the DRep Pioneer Leaders?

The program boasts a diverse cohort of Pioneer Leaders, including Pedro Lucas, Martin Musagara, Ha Nguyen, Cameron Smith, Joao Bosco Ribeiro, Reshma Mohan, Daniela Alvez, Phil Lewis, Eystein Magnus Hansen, Ubio Obu, Jaromir Tesar, Adam Rusch, Jenny Brito, Hosky, and Wada Global Ltd.

Selected through a meticulous process, these leaders hail from various regions globally, ensuring a rich tapestry of perspectives and expertise. Each Pioneer Leader is tasked with creating, refining, and delivering DRep training within their respective communities, serving as ambassadors of knowledge and fostering greater understanding and engagement.

Accessing educational content

The DRep Workshop Leaders will deliver training sessions once the course content and curriculum have been finalized. The materials aim to be versatile, enabling future DReps to self-train and grasp concepts intuitively. Information will be shared through platforms like the Intersect knowledge base and SanchoNet, ensuring accessibility to all interested individuals. We will publish the details of the courses as they become available, so watch this space!

Joining opportunities like the DRep Pioneer Leaders Program

For those eager to explore similar opportunities, Intersect has various grant opportunities to drive inclusion and accessibility - empowering and facilitating the community's access to Cardano's governance features. Non-members are encouraged to join Intersect to stay updated on future opportunities and grants, fostering a collaborative environment to grow and develop Cardano's ecosystem continuously.

As Cardano continues its journey towards decentralized on-chain decision making, initiatives like the DRep Pioneer Workshop Leaders Program catalyze community empowerment and engagement. Through education and collaboration, Cardano's governance's future lies in an informed and empowered community ready to shape its destiny.