Intersect Constitutional Council

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Membership-led governance - Intersect’s role on the interim Constitutional Committee

Introducing Intersect's Constitutional Council

As part of our commitment to administering and championing Cardano’s community-led governance, Intersect’s seat on the interim CC will comprise 10 Intersect members, with majority votes determining Intersect’s vote on the constitutionality of governance actions. This body will be known as the “Intersect Constitutional Council” and will be guided in its operations by a Charter (currently proposed and in draft). The Council’s first task will be to refine and finalize the draft Charter before all members are expected to sign and thereafter act in accordance with its principles.

Intersect staff will support the Council by providing a permanent Secretary to lighten the administrative burden, and a senior observer of meetings; neither individual will have voting rights, or participate in debate or discourse. During the bootstrapping phase it is expected that the Council will convene weekly, with ongoing meetings called by the Chair and agreed by the Council.

Applications open

We're welcoming applications from Intersect members interested in forming the Intersect Constitutional Council. The Council will comprise 10 members (7 Full and 3 Alternates), so are 10 seats available. Members who have stood as candidates in the interim CC elections are also welcome to apply for the Intersect Constitutional Council, but in the event that they are successfully elected to the interim CC, their Intersect Constitutional Council application will no longer be considered.

Apply here

What happens next?

The application period will remain open until July 1. A group of members and Intersect staff will then evaluate applications according to a publicly shared set of criteria before confirming the Council composition on July 5. Council members will have the opportunity to attend interim CC training in-person in Colorado in mid-July (pending logistics and attendee limits).


  • 21st June - July 1st: applications open
  • July 2 - 4th: evaluation period
  • July 5th: Intersect Constitution Council confirmed

Useful Resources

More ways to get involved:

  • We are calling for members to join the evaluation team to score candidates early next week. Please apply here
  • Stay close to our socials to find out how you can attend one of 50 global workshops to input on the draft Constitution (confirmed workshops announced on July 3).
  • Keep testing the technical features by heading to SanchoNet to learn more, and to GovTool to participate with a user-friendly experience.