CIP-1694 Digest 2: Unveiling the Latest MVG Developments

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SanchoNet: a new CIP-1694 playground

Testing Governance Rules in Minimum Viable Governance

SanchoNet officially launched on August 16, kicking off its phased rollout to support the technical development of CIP-1694. SanchoNet serves as a controlled development environment for the Cardano community to safely experience and give feedback on the on-chain capabilities required for participatory governance. Beyond the development of these features, SanchoNet will in time also enable the integration of community-built tools with the platform. Designed as a collaborative environment for the Cardano community, learnings and developments from SanchoNet will be key in advancing Cardano ever closer to minimum viable governance.

Continue reading for more technical updates and ways to get involved in SanchoNet.

Technical Updates

Currently Implementing Phase 2

SanchoNet is about developing and testing the technical components and processes required to action governance for Cardano within CIP-1694. In the months ahead, SanchoNet will follow an independent development roadmap scoped from a technical governance perspective, which will allow for full experimental and iterative progress.

SanchoNet Feature Rollout

Technical Update

CIP-95 Stay Connected

CIP-95: A proposal designed to empower ada holders with a voice by way of voting capabilities.

As Cardano moves towards the proposed advancement of participatory governance in CIP-1694, wallet providers become an integral infrastructure provider for the individual to partake in governance right from their personal wallet. Stay connected with the latest developments and contribute on Github.

First Alpha build of the Serialization Library for Conway ledger era

Serialization Library: a library for serialization & deserialization of data structures.

Emurgo released the first Alpha build of their Serialization Library for the Conway ledger era. This build now supports:

  • All new certificates - DRep Reg/Retire/Update, Vote Delegation, etc.
  • Voting
  • All types of Governance Action

The library can be used to generate new certificates and transactions that can be submitted to SanchoNet.

See Github for more details and join the discussion. The team at Emurgo is looking forward to gaining feedback, but also stresses once again that this is an Alpha build.

Get Involved in SanchoNet

A vibrant, inclusive, and community-driven testing ground for inventive governance features, SanchoNet provides unique opportunities for the Cardano community to get involved in shaping Cardano’s future. As SanchoNet advances in its journey of implementation and feature rollout, the community is strongly encouraged to embrace specific roles crucial for testing and refining the governance mechanisms. Roles include:

  • Test-ada holders: Engage in crafting and submitting governance actions as a test-ada holder. Your insights will help ensure that the governance system upholds the highest standards of security and efficiency.
  • Stake pool operators (SPOs): Take charge and run the testnet network with diligence and integrity as an SPO, and influence future votes on relevant actions with your feedback and contributions.
  • Delegate Representatives (DReps): Represent the collective interests of the broader community and be their collective voice when voting on governance actions.

Learn more about getting involved at

CIP-1694 Roadmap

Last, but not least is the launch of a new visual experience of the age of Voltaire. Find the CIP-1694 Roadmap to dive into the past, present and future of the advancement of participatory governance. From the dawn of the age of Voltaire at ScotFest in November 2022 through the launch of Intersect and SanchoNet, to the planned ratification of CIP-1694 in December 2023, relive the process as the community takes step after step towards minimum-viable governance.