Intersect Development Update #19- June 21st

12 min

Welcome to the nineteenth edition of the Intersect Development Report! We’re halfway into Intersect’s first year, and we want to thank all our members for working hard to shape Cardano’s and Intersect’s future!


Interim Constitution

Things are ramping up in the world of Cardano governance. The interim Constitution and technical guardrails are now live and available for the community to read. You can find them on the newly released Constitution Committee Portal. We are also hosting a copy on our Knowledge Base.

Interim Constitutional Committee elections

Voting is still underway to elect the three community member seats on the interim Constitutional Council (ICC). Over seven and a half thousand attended last week’s X Space, where the candidates introduced themselves and took questions from the community. Listen back here.

You don’t have long left—voting closes on Sunday, June 23 at 21:45 UTC. Read the candidates’ profiles and then cast your votes. Results will be announced on June 26.

Introducing Intersect’s Constitutional Council

While the community selects its final three ICC members, we’re excited to introduce Intersect’s Constitutional Council, which represents Intersect’s position on the ICC. Opening today, we are looking for 10 Intersect members passionate about Cardano’s governance to apply and join the Council!

Members who have applied to the ICC and stood as candidates in the ICC elections are also welcome to apply for the Intersect Constitutional Council, but in the event that they are successfully elected to the ICC, their Intersect Constitutional Council application will no longer be considered.

Find out more about the Intersect Constitutional Council and apply - you have until July 1!

Community Hubs - Japan Update

Led by our community hub leads, Yuta and Yuri, our trip to Japan was highly productive - providing valuable insights into the Japanese market. We engaged with over 15 Cardano Japan projects, showcasing diversity and innovation, from SPOs to NFTs and tokenized goods marketplaces, and even sponsoring football clubs.

We also explored collaboration opportunities with Binance Japan and, alongside Yuta and the Japanese community hub, discussed our hubs' future structure and operations.

We hosted the Japanese Hub Launch Event at the Conrad Hotel, attended by 40 guests, including Binance.

Intersect internal governance

This week, we held our first Governance Open Office session. Thanks to everyone who participated! These sessions host different committees to come and present their current progress and maintain focus sessions if there are particular aspects of Intersect governance you want to know more about. These sessions will continue to run each week, and you can drop by and ask questions about Intersect and our internal governance. We look forward to seeing you at one of the sessions soon.

To help our committees and working groups thrive, we are also drafting some “guiding principles"—documents that will ensure they have the help and support they need to be effective. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be sharing updates directly on our committee pages.  

Additionally, we will publish a new Committee Report next week. This will provide a regular update on our committees and working groups!

Open Source

Our open-source office has received feedback and a review of their project lifecycle framework and support services. Intersect member, Anastasia Labs, has agreed to test the project support services as a pilot, providing interesting insights as we move forward with our upcoming projects.

You can get more ideas about our Open Source Committee service catalog here.

Developer advocate program

Finally, we have officially launched the developer advocate program, which aims to incentivize developers who actively participate in various initiatives, working groups, and community-building activities within the Cardano ecosystem. The program aims to compensate for contributions and provides resources and further opportunities.

Applications for the program are officially open, and you can find the link here.

Open source team on YouTube

We are proud to announce the official launch of the open-source office YouTube channel. There, you will find important information about open source at Intersect. Check it out here and subscribe for more content as it is published.

Intersect X Spaces with Jenny Brito and co

This week, Jenny Brito and Noodz hosted the first of what is set to be many Intersect X Spaces. With over 350 tuning in across two hours, Jenny and the team will host Spaces every two weeks for the foreseeable future.

The next space is on Saturday, 29th June, at 12:00 UTC. Listen to the first here and watch out for the reminders via X.

Continuity & Delivery Assurance

We are proud to share our success in completing 34 out of 100 contracted milestones to mark the half-year point. These milestones represent significant progress across various projects and initiatives, reflecting our teams and suppliers' hard work and dedication.

For those of you who missed it, the "Monthly Maturity Report - May 24" provides an in-depth analysis of the development activities within the Cardano ecosystem for May 2024.


Intersect will be in Las Vegas for RareEvo from August 15 to 18! Collaborating with Intersect pioneer member EMURGO, and the Cardano Foundation, RareEvo is set to be huge this year. In addition to our booth, we will feature a keynote panel and workshops. Stay tuned for more information and updates as the event approaches.

Community tooling

Keep an eye on our Intersect grants page to learn about funding opportunities and ongoing grant projects. In the meantime, the first part of Phase 2 of our Inclusion & Accessibility category is still open until June 24th. Find out more!

This week, we want to highlight the return of "Governance Matters," celebrated with its first episode covering the Interim Constitutional Committee. You can watch this here.

Gimbalabs have also provided an update on their grant to update the Dandelion for the Conway Ledger Era. You can watch a live session here on X or YouTube on deploying a Contributor Treasury Prototype to manage this grant. New features will continue to be added over the next few weeks.

Governance tooling

Teams are working hard to prepare the next SanchoNet GovTool release, including the ability to propose governance action, discuss it, and refine it before submitting it to voting. User experience is equally important and is being improved simultaneously.

SanchoNet Govtool participation dashboard is available on From this dashboard, everyone can keep track of Govtool usage and participate in its testing.

And here are these week's updated SanchoNet stats:

Community Hubs

We’ve noticed a glitch in last week’s report, so here is a repost of last week's Community Hubs activity:

  1. Japan Community Hub:
    • Second Town Hall: Held on Monday, 10th, with 14 participants.IntersectJapanHub-002. The transcript summary can be found here.
    • In-Person Launch Event: This is scheduled for Friday, 14th, in Tokyo. Nigel Hemsley (COO) and Nick Cook (Head of Membership & Community) will attend!
    • Upcoming Meet-Up: In-person meet-up in Okinawa on Friday, 21st.
  2. CoinCeylon (Sri Lanka) Community Hub:
    • X Space Event: It was held on Saturday, June 8th, with 557 participants. We appreciate the healthy discussions and look forward to more X Spaces.
    • Industry Expo: Booth at the International Industry Expo 2024, from 19th-23rd June. Check out their tweet!
    • In-Person Launch Event: As mentioned in our Japan Update, the Launch Event on Friday, June 14th, was a huge success. Forty guests attended and engaged in conversations around Intersect.
    • Okinawa Meet-Up: On Friday, June 21st, there will be a meet-up in Okinawa, Japan, where up to 10 people can discuss Intersect and Cardano. To register and access more information, click here.
    • Industry Expo: Our Sri Lanka Community Hub will participate in the International Industry Expo 2024 from June 19th to 23rd. If you are local, please visit them at an Intersect booth!

This week, more events are underway within our Community Hubs:

  1. Japan Community Hub:
  • In-Person Launch Event: As mentioned in our Japan Update, the Launch Event on Friday, June 14th, was a huge success. Forty guests attended and engaged in conversations around Intersect.
  • Okinawa Meet-Up: On Friday, June 21st, there will be a meet-up in Okinawa, Japan, where up to 10 people can discuss Intersect and Cardano. To register and access more information, click here.
2. CoinCeylon (Sri Lanka) Community Hub:

Follow the CoinCeylon (Sri Lanka) Hub on X here to stay up-to-date over the next couple of days of the event.

Our WADA and LATAM hubs are still preparing future events and materials, so more to follow…

If you have been inspired by our Community Hubs' work and would like to be involved in setting up a Community Hub, please apply for funding here.

This week's reminders

In this week's reminders section, we’d like to highlight:

  • Our Chang Timeline page on the knowledge base is now updated weekly. You can view this week’s updates here.
  • We’re hiring! - we’re looking for a highly motivated and experienced Membership sales and account executive to join our team on a nine-month full-time contract. During this important period of growth and development for Intersect, this role will be pivotal in growing our membership base, mainly through the introduction and membership sign-up of projects and organizations working within the Cardano ecosystem and beyond.
  • As we move closer to on-chain governance, we’re excited to announce that we are facilitating the interim Constitutional Committee elections. Voting via the Summon Platform is now open until 23 June for you to select the three remaining community seats.
  • Our next Intersect town hall meeting will be on June 25th.

Well, that’s it for this week's update. Thanks for reading!

And finally, we’re interested in hearing more from you about subjects important to you, such as Cardano’s governance. Your ideas and suggestions are crucial to us. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please get in touch via email, X, or LinkedIn.