Intersect Development Update #20- June 28th

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Welcome to the twentieth edition of the Intersect Development Report!

This edition highlights the latest developments in the Cardano Constitution journey, including the exciting announcement of those selected to sit on the interim Constitutional Committee. Additionally, we bring you updates from around the community, covering notable milestones, Intersect Hub events, DRep Pioneer events, and the latest community and governance tooling advancements.

Confirming the interim Constitutional Committee

The results are in! We sincerely congratulate the Cardano Atlantic Council, Cardano Japan, and Eastern Cardano Council, which the community has elected as its top three preferred candidates. They join Intersect, IOG, EMURGO, and the Cardano Foundation on the first interim Constitution Committee, tasked with upholding the security measures and guardrails set out in the interim Constitution.

DON’T MISS IT - accepting applications to join Intersect’s Constitutional Council

We’re looking for 10 members to form Intersect’s Constitutional Council, and applications remain open until July 1! Read more and apply here to form the member-body Council, which will fulfill Intersect’s role on the interim Constitutional Committee.

Global Constitution Workshops update

After receiving 98 applications from 46 countries to run a constitutional workshop, we’ll be sharing the confirmed 50 workshops on July 5th! Watch this space.

Ada pay is here!

Delivered a little earlier than planned, we have now integrated ada payments into our members area! Developed by Intersect member, Anvil you can now join Intersect with ada. Wallets supported include - Begin, Eternal, Flint, Gero, Lace, Nami, Typhon, VESPR, and Yoroi.

If you’re yet to renew your membership, sign in to the member's area here, connect your wallets, and purchase your membership in ada today!


With great pleasure, our community has completed two huge milestones this week: Our Discord server has passed 1,000 members, and the 5k followers mark on our X page! Please follow our profile and reshare our posts if you haven't already! 🎉

In other news, as part of our greater transparency and external reach plans, we are proud to share that 23 different communities outside of Intersect are now closely following our recently created announcements and update channels.

Our growing Intersect Community Hubs have proven immensely important to our work in Cardano. We have launched four community hubs: LATAM, Japan, CoinCeylon (Sri Lanka), and WADA. Last week, our CoinCeylon (Sri Lanka) Community Hub attended the International Industry Expo 2024 from 19-23 June. The event was a huge success, and they even made it to the local news twice! To watch the recap video of the Sri Lanka Community Hub at the event, click here.

Our Japan Community Hub also held an in-person event in Okinawa on 21 June. The event was received positively so that future events will be held, and a Cardano Okinawa LINE group will also be created.

Here’s an update on what events are taking place this week:

Japan Community Hub

  • Line Live Talk Meet-Up: It was held on 24 June, with 28 participants, including Miyatake-san, who joined via Zoom.

CoinCeylon (Sri Lanka) Community Hub

  • First Town Hall: It is scheduled for 29 June at 15:00 UTC. If you would like to attend, please find the link here.

    If you missed what our Sri Lanka Community Hub was up to at the International Industry Expo 2024, check out this fantastic tweet.

LATAM Community Hub

  • Second Town Hall: Held on 27th June. Follow the LATAM Hub here.

Intersect’s June Town Hall - brought to you by Swarm

Swarm kicked off their first Town Hall for Intersect by bringing together several engaged community members to discuss what we are working on to improve and develop the Cardano ecosystem. It was a huge success, and we look forward to the next event, which will be held on July 30th. You can watch a recap of the Town Hall here.


Committee work continues as they mature and develop plans leading up to the Annual Members Meeting. Excitingly, this week marks the release of the first-ever Committee Report! This report will be created periodically and published to the community so you have complete visibility of the committee focus areas, their sub-committees, and the working group. Click here to see the report.

We welcome your feedback and will continually evolve the report as required to meet the membership's needs.

DRep Pioneer workshops

Saturday, 29, June

  • On June 29, 2024, join Adam Rusch in person in Chicago, IL, from 10 AM to 5 PM CDT (GMT -5) for a comprehensive English session covering all modules. If you'd like to participate, please feel free to register here.

Sunday 30, June

  • On June 30, 2024, Ha Nguyen will lead an in-person workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM UTC+7 in Vietnamese, covering all modules. If you'd like to participate, please feel free to register here.
  • Also, on June 30, 2024, Reshma Mohan will host a virtual workshop in English from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM IST, covering a recap of Modules 1 and 2 and Modules 3 and 4. If you'd like to participate, please feel free to register here.

Take advantage of these valuable learning opportunities!

Community tooling

We have closed the grant for implementing the translation tool in phase 2 of our Inclusion and Accessibility Category. As we begin the evaluation, the successful applicant must deploy Poedit, the localization management system, and configure it to support GovTool translations and localisations to selected languages. Once configured, contributors will use the tool to work on the translations in chosen languages.

Constitutional Committee Portal development

We are pleased to announce that the Bloxico team has completed Milestone 3, which focused on integrating Governance Actions (GA) indexing and creating a page to display the latest updates, including Constitutional Committee (CC) members' votes. This milestone marks a significant milestone in our project, showcasing the team's excellence and hard work in delivering efficient, user-friendly solutions. If you want to see how it works, look at their demo video here.

The Constitutional Committee Portal is currently in beta and hosts the interim Constitution.

Governance tooling

New features released on GovTool, packed with enhanced capabilities to empower our community in governance processes. Now, users can propose governance actions, engage in discussions to refine proposals, and seamlessly submit them for voting.

During the thorough testing phase preceding this release, we ensured every feature performed as expected, meeting our standards of functionality and reliability. We are committed to continuously monitoring the tool's performance and eagerly gathering user feedback to implement ongoing improvements.

SanchoNet Govtool participation dashboard is available on From this dashboard, everyone can keep track of Govtool usage and participate in its testing.

And here are these week's updated SanchoNet stats:

This week's reminders

In this week's reminders section, we’d like to highlight:

  • Our Chang Timeline page on the knowledge base is now updated weekly. You can view this week’s updates here. They include run-in steps for Chang #1 and feedback from the Hard Fork working group and community.
  • We’re hiring! - we’re looking for a highly motivated and experienced Membership sales and account executive to join our team on a nine-month full-time contract. During this important period of growth and development for Intersect, this role will be pivotal in growing our membership base, mainly through the introduction and membership sign-up of projects and organizations working within the Cardano ecosystem and beyond.
  • Our next Intersect town hall meeting will be on July 30th.

Well, that’s it for this week's update. Thanks for reading!

And finally, we’re interested in hearing more from you about subjects important to you, such as Cardano’s governance. Your ideas and suggestions are crucial to us. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please get in touch via email, X, or LinkedIn.